Deep Within the Ashes… A Smoldering Ember Was Found!

Written by on September 11, 2021

2006 marked the year that a group of friends came together and created a radio station to ROCK their online communities. We wanted something different, a sound that everyone would enjoy and the freedom from rules some of the similar stations at the time seemed to unwilling to be flexible. In a couple of weeks, the station staff went from four broadcasters to over fourteen. Classic Rock was their specialty but there was also a weekly Jazz / Blues show. The Edge featured something for everyone’s music palette!

2021 a faint heartbeat could be detected, and The Edge’s owner decided to pull pull that station out of its ten year coma. Life support was removed and the station was able to once again stand on it’s own. From one broadcaster lined up a week ago, The Edge is currently proud to have three DJ’s in the current team list. Our going forward premise is to have fun, be edgy and be passionate about our music! From Rock to Blues… we offer more music variety than sand on your local beach!

Tune in to The Edge Radio, we are “Living on the Edge” and ROCKING Your World!


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