We have had a busy week bringing new DJs into the house! Raven had her first show Monday at 1 pm (PST) – Raven’s Roadhouse.  The music was HOT, SIZZLIN HOT!  Be sure to tune into her shows Monday  & Wednesday (1 to 3 pm PST). Dr. Squeeze ROCKED The Edge today from 9 to […]

Some of the old gang is coming back together along with some notable newcomers! We are still working on getting some others to consider coming back and shaking up with airwaves with us. DJ Desire Night: Dusted off her music library and performed CPR on The Edge. The original owner of the station, her specialty […]

2006 marked the year that a group of friends came together and created a radio station to ROCK their online communities. We wanted something different, a sound that everyone would enjoy and the freedom from rules some of the similar stations at the time seemed to unwilling to be flexible. In a couple of weeks, […]

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